What is Ozarks Natural Beef, LLC?

Ozarks Natural Beef, LLC (ONB) is a producer of 100% grassfed beef.  Our Angus cattle are raised on a combination of orchardgras, alfalfa, endophyte free fescue, crabgrass, and caucasian bluestem on our farm just east of Springfield, Missouri.  We sell our beef directly to our customers or at local farmer's markets in and around Springfield.

What does 100% grassfed mean?

This means exactly what it says.  Our cattle have never been fed grain in their lives.  This is in keeping with our philosophy that cattle as ruminant animals have evolved over thousands of years to do one thing better than any other domesticated animals - to consume grass and turn the contents of the grass into meat by using the natural fermentation process in their rumen.  Grain may work for monogastric animals like pigs, chickens, horses and humans, but it is not what cows were designed to eat.  Grain may also be a cheap way to put quick pounds of flesh on cattle but those pounds of flesh come at a significant health cost for both the animal and the consumer.

Why is grassfed better?

There are a number of published studies in peer reviewed journals (i.e. that have passed through a review of scientists within the field of meat science) that demonstrate some nutritional benefit to eating grassfed beef.  These include that in comparison to grainfed beef, grassfed beef is: lower in total fat and saturated fat, higher in omega-3 fatty acids (the 'good' kind of fat), higher in vitamin E and beta carotene, higher in calcium, magnesium and potassium, and higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  The latter is 'associated' with a decrease in cancer risk in humans.  On the other hand no one has ever proven that eating grassfed beef will help you live longer or better, avoid illnessses, look more beautiful, laugh more often, exercise more regularly, make you smarter or make you a better husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter.  At this point, choosing to eat grassfed beef is a lifestyle choice.  It is a choice you will make if you are of the belief that cows should be treated as cows by living their lives on open pasture eating green grass and drinking fresh water.  It is a choice that will make sense for you if you believe that eating the beef from those cows is as healthy and natural for humans as it is for us to breath, walk and talk.

Is ONB a natural or organic product? 

ONB is currently labeled a natural product meaning that it has not had any artificial coloring or flavoring added to it during processing.   'Natural' has become a fairly amorphous and largely meaningless term in the food industry since many foods are technically natural.  ONB cattle are on USDA organic certified pastures at all times.  In order for a calf to be organic certified they must spend the last 3 months of their life as a fetus in their mother's uterus on organic certified feed.  Once they are born they are certified organic provided that they stay on organic feed for the remainder of their life.  Beginning in 2011, ONB will be both a natural product as well as USDA organic certified since the calves that are born on ONB pastures this year (2010) will be organic certified at birth and will remain on organic certified pastures until their harvest in late 2011.

Are the cattle humanely raised?

ONB cattle are handled with humane, low stress methods as taught promoted by well known stockmen Bud Williams and Steve Cote.  The cattle are moved at least daily without the use of whips, hot shots, yelling, whistling or sudden movements.  The cattle are taught by experience that when we show up good things happen to them - namely that they are taken to fresh grass.  The cattle learn to trust us because we do not startle them or act in unpredictable ways.  They know that when they move to where we want them to go that they will be safe and have plenty to eat and drink.

Am I at risk for contracting mad cow disease with my ONB purchase?

There have been no reported cases of mad cow disease from U.S. born and raised cattle.  Since our cattle were either born on our farm or were purchased from the farm of fellow stockman Kent Miller of Gage, OK the risk of an ONB calf contracting mad cow disease is so low that it defies quantification.

Am I at risk for contracting an E. Coli infection with my ONB purchase?

The risk of E. Coli infection comes from the processing plant.  ONB uses Hoerrman's Meats of Fair Grove, MO.  They are a USDA inspected processor with exceptionally clean facilities.  The beef we serve our families comes from our cattle processed by Hoerrman's.  I cannot think of a better confirmation of our trust in Hoerrman's than that.

What is the best way to cook grassfed beef?

Grassfed ground beef is not prepared any differently than ground beef that you would typically purchase at the grocery store.  Grassfed steaks are best cooked from rare to medium.  Well done grassfed steaks will tend to be drier because of their low fat content.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards and PayPal acounts.

What if I am not satisfied with my ONB puchase?

ONB has a 100% money back guarantee policy.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from ONB simply contact us by email or phone and receive a full purchase price refund - no questions, no hassles.